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Razia's Journal

Crow’s Rest: We arrived in Crow’s Nest. We gave the slavers over to the guards. Infamor and Guinal were promptly sold into slavery themselves. Nilrem visited the arcane library in town and acquired some scrolls. The rest of us attended the gladiatorial matches. Sylvanna became upset that captured wolves were used as opponents in the ring. Idej proceeded to get drunk with the local peasents. I made some winnings wagering on an all female gladiatorial group – Team Fate. I was invited to watch the matches with Lord Dazath. He wagered a magical broach and a fine bottle of wine against a night of my services, but I won. That evening, Idej passed out in the streets and was captured by slavers. He was purchased by Lord Dazath and forced to fight in the gladiatorial ring. Sylvanna offered a favor to a ranger in team Fate, Aileen, in return for Idej’s safety. I wagered against the lord in an attempt to win Idej’s freedom. Unfortunately, I lost the bet and had to spend the night with Lord Dazath. Fortunately, he decided to release Idej from service anyway. Nilrem is angry at Idej for being unprofessional. This could cause some conflicts later. At least we are back on the road to Haven.


wildmage wildmage

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