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Razia's Journal

Near Moradin’s Wall: We spent the night in the ruins of the castle. During the evening, Zianna heard a woman weeping from somewhere upstairs. When we went to investigate, we encountered another Kobold lair. After a hard won fight, we managed to locate a secret room where the ghost of a human woman was weeping over an empty cradle. Nilrem and Idej went in to investigate. Based on what they said, the woman addressed Nilrem as Lord Ambrose. She accused him of spending too much time with her and ignoring their son. When Nilrem refused to make amends with Idej, the ghost said that she would remove herself from the world so she could no longer distract him from their son. She then proceeded to cut her wrists with a spectral dagger and vanished. Idej said he thinks the woman might be an ancient ancestor, but Nilrem was skeptical.

After our encounter with the ghost, we located the teleport circle Naivara described. Sadly, it did not take use to the Fey Wilds as a I expected. Instead, it took us hundreds of leagues away to another castle near the ruins of the wall. Inside we discovered more kobolds and a young red dragon. We managed to slay the kobolds, but the dragon proved to be elusive. After a hard won fight, the beast flew away before we could deal it a death blow. I fear that we will see the monster again some day when we least expect it… Dragons have a long memory…

After defeating the Dragon and his minions, we scoured the hoard until we found the circlet crown we were looking for. We were able to determine that it was magical, but we were unable to identify all of its properties. As promised, the rest of the dragon’s hoard more than covered our expenses. We recovered several magical items and numerous coins.

We returned to Haven and presented the circlet crown to Naivara. She was quite pleased with it and donned the circlet immediately. To celebrate, she offered me a second assignation. I agreed, but only under the condition that my patron price would be knowledge of the role the circlet plays in her current scheme. She may be more smitten with me than I thought because she was quite generous with information. She confessed that she intends to build a new kingdom out of the feudal city states. The circlet allows her to read other’s thoughts – a handy tool for diplomacy… or blackmail.

Duke Marc is apparently her partner in this endeavor. As part of their wedding vows, he secured a promise from Naivara that she would not through her actions do him harm. I suspect she will find a way around that promise. Regardless, she may be content to outlive him and inherit his kingdom anyway. He has no heir at the moment and if she is wise she will not give him one. In any case, I believe they are now set on bringing the surrounding city states under their sway. I wonder what they will do if diplomacy fails… I may be able to find out soon for Naivara has asked me to carry a message to Lord Dazath of Crow’s Rest. I am curious what offer she makes to him and what his response might be.

With my patron price paid, Naivara took full advantage of my services. She was as stern as ever, but more gentle than she was during our last encounter. There are few people who can transform the simple act of bathing and dressing someone into the highest art of foreplay. Once again, I suspect that she continues her game within a game. She taunted me once more about Palias’s death and seemed to take delight in the fact that his murderer was able to seduce me. During her wordplay, however, I noted one interesting fact… she was surprised to see me with Palias’s sword. I am most curious about that… Does the task the sword has set for me involve Naivara? If it does… will she be friend or foe? I keep forgetting how closely love and hate dance amongst the fey.*


wildmage wildmage

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