Baroness Irotha Shadowick

A beautiful young half-elf women dressed in fine silks and wearing extravagant platinum jewelery


Most have to take a few moments to gather themselves after first encountering the beautiful half-elf women. Her slender body is clothed in only the finest brightly colored silks often matching her bright blue eyes. The platinum and golden necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings would seem excessive on most but seem to accent her natural looks perfectly.

She is the life of a party and spends a great deal of her time socializing with her fellow nobles. Those who are lucky enough to enjoy the Purple Wolf Inn’s accommodations see a women who is charming and witty. The crowd follows where she goes and she enjoys basking in its presence. She seems to live for moments like this, the center of attention in an elite social circle. Those who are not up to her standards only see the cold, disinterested side of her. She does not stoop to dealing with the common folk often usually leaving that to Varoul.

  • She has taken a lover but keeps it a secret because he embarrasses her, maybe he is a servant or a farmer, maybe another womans husband, maybe an adventurer who travels through town
  • No women can be that beautiful, she is an enchantress or fey in disguise
  • She had to make a dark bargain to gain the title of Baroness
  • She is young and lacks an heir but has no desire to remarry
  • She visits Nilrem once a month to preform a ritual to stop her from aging and maintain her beauty

She grew up the daughter of a long time noble and one of the founding members of Blackwater Rush. From a young age she was exposed to the life of high society, attending extravagant parties and dances, eating fancy dinners and allow others to handle all menial tasks. She was married to Fransworth Shadowick at the young age of 14. She would be his fourth and final wife. During this time her popularity with the nobility of the land grew and she became a widow, which is to expected when your husband is more then five times your age. Several more years passed and the current Baron died, and due to her popularity and social prowess she was chosen as Baroness, the youngest leader ever at the age of 20. Six years have past and her popularity has only grown amongst the nobility. Higher taxes have funded more extravagant and luxurious parties and clothing. She has been careful not to push too hard on the common folk for fear of rebellion, people complain around the Ale House but so far no one has been inconvenienced enough to do anything about it.

Baroness Irotha Shadowick

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