Farlin Greybeard


He stands before you a beacon of light adorned in the red and yellow tabard marking him a follower of the sun god, Pelor. His young eyes look out from beneath a golden helm. There is only slight wear on his armor, he looks out intently as if searching for something.

He speaks with drive and determination, he talks of the light that is Pelor and his mission to rid the world of evil. He is confident, bold and unwavering, some would say a recipe for death.

  • He is a bit overzealous, his mouth nearly got him killed last time some necromancer came through town
  • He is an orphan whose parents were kill for stealing some bread in spearhead
  • He continues to pressure Jarko Stormbringer into allowing him to venture farther into the swamp and seek out evils that need to be destroyed
  • He got his name because he wouldn’t stop pulling on Jarko’s beard

Farlin has been a member of the church as long as he could remember. He was brought here by a paladin of Pelor to be raised by the church. Not much is known about his past and he has little experience outside of Blackwater Rush. He has developed into a fine cleric of the sun god he lacks much real world experience.

Farlin Greybeard

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