Jarko Stormbreaker

Hidden behind a long grey beard is an aged face, it matches the armor and holy symbol around his neck, all have seen many battles


Dark kind eyes peer out over a long beard and mustache, occasionally they will be filled with a look of tiredness but it doesn’t last long. Upon closer examination the face has been wrinkled and scared. The clothing and armor worn be this old dwarf match the face. The once bright and shinning sun that hangs on a chain around his neck has lost some of its shine, not from neglect but decades of use. The tabard of the Pelor is heavily stitched and faded in spots. The armor bears only slight marks wear weapons have impacted it.

His voice is unexpectedly soft and kind. It brings a sense of tranquility for a few moments. He reminds you of a grandfather offering advice to his grandchildren.

  • Although he denies it many still speak of the time he slew the dragon of Blackwater swamp
  • He refuses to offer the temples services to Baroness Irotha
  • He is always offering help and advice to those who need it
  • He worries he will not be able to teach Farlin all he needs before the boy does something rash

He is one of three dwarven brothers who came to the community at a young age with their father. The lived in a farm on the outskirts of town. Jarko took to the previous head priest at a young age and against his father’s will he joined the church of Pelor. He has fought many long hard battles against the constant evil that encompasses the land and is starting to grow tired. He longs for rest but knows that he can’t until he has found a suitable replacement. Even then he will probably need to be called back to help in times of need. He does little to hide these facts and will talk about it to those who he feels will help.

Jarko Stormbreaker

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