Jeramel Stormbreaker


The particularly short and round dwarf can frequenetly be seen leaning over his bar telling jokes and stories he has heard in his days as bartender (and self proclaimed alemaster) at the Green Star Ale house.

He is a jolly fellow who enjoys a good joke as well as a good story. He’ll spend hours filling the mugs and sharing tales just as long as he doesn’t have to do any real work.


  • He hasn’t married but has an eye on someone special
  • His ales are better than those made by the dwarven ale masters of in the great halls of Moradin’s Wall
  • If you need to know something about anyone in town he has certainly heard a rumor or two about them

Jeramel one the Green Star Ale house in a game of cards nearly half a century ago. At the time it was a run down place that saw little use. After winning it he cleaned out the brewery and began to make his own ale. It didn’t take long for the place to start to see some business and he fixed the place up (or paid to have it done anyway). It didn’t take long for business to become good enough that all he had to do was brew ale and share it with the patrons. His assortment of ales grew until he became the largest provider in all of Blackwater.

Jeramel Stormbreaker

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