Jazinel Stormbreaker


The bald dwarf’s long brown beard is tightly braided and tucked behind the scorched leather apron he wears. The scars of a more adventurous youth are barely visible beneath the dirt of a hard days work that covers him from head to toe.

He is not afraid to get his hands dirty to get what he needs done. He takes a lot of pride in his work, some would say he brags too much. He doesn’t take the time to deal with those who he thinks won’t be able to help him in some way.


  • He is willing to do work for most anyone if they can pay the price
  • The weapons and armor he makes are the best available in the town
  • His home contains many works of art and treasures he has purchased with the profits of his smithing

He is the eldest of the three Stormbreaker brothers living in Blackwater. He worked the farm for many years to save up for his forge. He would occasionally heed the call to arms when dangers neared the city. It was said that he was advantageous in battle and charged the baron or baroness at the time for the kills he achieved. After getting his forge he quickly became the best smith in all of blackwater and only makes weapons and armor. Not horseshoes and other things that are beneath him and should be left to other blacksmiths.

Jazinel Stormbreaker

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