Savi Brownhill


Savi Brownhill is a young woman who possesses a raw beauty. She often wears earth tones which cause her fire red hair to stand out more.

She is a down to earth woman who earns an honest living working in her families shops. She is willing to do what is necessary to get a job done and is not afraid of getting her hands dirty.


  • She has recently been made the day to day manager of the families general store that caters to the local farmers
  • While a good worker, it is rumored that her heart’s desire is not as a shop keeper
  • She can handle herself with an axe
  • Her father is trying to arrange her marriage to another local merchant to bring his business into the families

She is the eldest daughter of the Brownhill family and second oldest child. She has always been willing to work hard and do what is necessary to get a job done. Savi is now old enough that she should be looking to marry but as of now no one is courting her. She is now manages the day to day affairs of the general store her family owns.

Savi Brownhill

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