Blackwater Rush


Located between the Clearwater and Serpents tail rivers in the Blackwater swamp is the producer of the most delicious fruits and vegetables in the land. This town and the strip of land it are very fertile (most likely due to the surrounding swamp). Most of the buildings in the town are simple in design, created more for function then ascetics. Only the most wealthy people live in stone buildings and even those make use of wood for the interior walls and floors. The town is rather spread out taking up the space of a much larger town with many of the homes having large gardens for personal use. The towns districts are heavily segregated but there is no movement restrictions.

Demographic information

The town has a rather small population of about only 3,000 people comprised of mostly humans. Several halfling families have houses in town and provide transportation along the river to the lake villages and larger ships waiting at sea. Dwarves, elves, tieflings and half-elves could be found if you knew where to look. There are no dragonborn or eladrin who call Blackwater Rush home but they have been known to pass through from time to time.


The town is ruled by one of the nobles who is elected to the position of Baron or Baroness by a vote of the nobility upon the death of the previous leader. The current ruler is Baroness Irotha Shadowick, a young half-elf widow whose only desire for the position was increasing her own wealth. Taxes are notoriously high, but not beyond the means of her people.


At any given time two patrols of guards can be found wandering the town. Another small contingent is on duty at the Blackwater Manor while a fourth can be found guarding the Baroness. About three dozen guards are employed on a full time basis for the town. The town guard is headed by a tiefling named Varoul Plabuni. About four times the number normal guards of trained men are available to be called to the defense of the town in times of need as well as any others with fighting experience that volunteer.


Founded by refugees trying to escape the hordes of orcs and goblins that spread across the land at the fall of the Bael Taruth empire. The refugees fled into the Blackwater swamp hoping that their enemies would not follow them. The joy of their escape was soon replaced by their realization that they were now wondering aimlessly through a swamp. With provisions running low and many of the people falling victim to the hazards of Blackwater they came across a large run of solid ground. Not only that but the land contained large fields with wild berries and several groves of fruit trees. The refugees built an the initial settlement on the west end of the fertile land but latter moved farther east for better access to fresh water. For several hundred years the town kept to itself for fear the monstrous armies that waited outside. During that time several noble families came to prosper.

Sites of note

The Purple Wolf Inn

The Purple Wolf Inn is a high end Inn that caters to the nobility and wealth merchants of the town and their guests that travel in for business and pleasure. The town is run by Wallana Goldenleaf, a beautiful elven woman who has been in town longer than any of its current residents. The food and drink is excellent and it is the only place in town to get fine elven wine. The inn has very fine set of stables and cares well for the animals that are boarded there.

Blackwater Manor

The largest, and oldest building in the town is that belonging to the current Baron or Baroness. Blackwater Manor is a large stone building located in the center of the town. It also serves as an office and court for town but that sees little use. Most of the support staff for the Manor live on the upper floors of the east wing.

Yellow Panther Tavern

This tavern offers accommodations to those who can’t afford the Purple Wolf Inn. It is frequented by the skilled labor and shop owners of the town. Common farmers and manual labor can be found here on special occasions as they treat themselves to a night out. The large stables serve their purpose, but one may wish to consider other arrangements for long term care. The Tavern is run by a Rappar Swiftstream, a friendly and talkative halfling.

Nilrem’s Treasure Emporium

This aged and worn three story tower located in the center of the towns market place once served as a prison long ago. It stood abandoned for many years before it was purchased by Lord Daxtious Noram as a wedding gift to the groom that was to marry his daughter Willa. While it is too pricey for many of the common folk, nobles and merchants frequent the shop to browse the exotic wares Nilrem has collected on his journeys. Nilrem also provides rituals to those who can afford it. Rumor has it that the pricing may vary depending on who you are. When Nilrem is not present his shop is attended to by his wife Willa.

Temple of the Sun

This temple, home to the worshipers of Pelor, is the larger of the two temples located in town. Two full time priests head the temples worship, Farlin Greybeard and Jarko Stormbreaker. One or the other can be found at the temple at all times. Occasionally another follower of Pelor will come into town and stay at the temple. Most of the towns people, particularly the farmers will visit the temple at least once a week. Those who live farther out generally make it a point to come to the temple on a yearly basis.

House of the Raven Queen

The house of the Raven Queen is barely more then a two room house. It can be found located next to the towns cemetery south of town. Regular services are few and far between as there is no full time priest or priestess. The house of worship is tended to by Olivia Starshine the towns gravedigger and mortician.

Brownhill Trading Houses

The Brownhill family has run these trading houses for several generations. It is a small three building complex. The largest of the buildings specializes in dealing with adventurers and mercenaries, providing most of the equipment required of the trade. What they don’t have they can import if given enough time. The second building is a large barn like structure that provides necessities to the local farmers. Things that can’t be made locally or items that others have traded in for what they needed. The smallest of the buildings is a well constructed stone and log store that holds the luxury items that the wealthy choose to spend their expendable income.

Green Star Ale House

Located between the open air market and the lower class housing the Green Star Ale House is the common mans choice when choosing the wet his whistle. Jeramel Stormbreaker runs the house, while most of the ale he sells here is designed to have the most kick for the copper. His finer ales can be purchased at Brownhill or either of the two inns.

Stormbreaker’s Forge

Located on the outskirts of town on a small farm is the home of Jazinel Stormbreaker, master smith. He spends part of his time working the farm with his wife. He only builds weapons on request, but rumor has it it is worth the wait.

Market Circle

In the center of town is a large open air market where the farmers and craftsmen of the town sell and trade wears. Most common items can be found in the market both fresh and cheap.

Blackwater Rush

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