Character Creation

Character Creation
  • Point Buy for Stats
  • Most resources will be available: PHB, Dragon, and other books as they are published. Problematic resources may need to be fixed, I will work to do so in a way that everyone is happy with. If there is something that you want that isn’t available yet we can try and come up with something
  • Don’t forget first level HP are base + CON SCORE not CON MODIFIER
  • If you need there to be something we can most likely work it in. If you need a guild, a town or an NPC tell me about what you want and as long as you aren’t being crazy it exists.
  • Personality Questions from PHB

Personality Questions
You can use other words or phrases these are just suggestions given in the PHB.

How do others perceive you in social interactions? Cheerful, Talkative, Reserved, Charming, Witty, Relaxed

How optimistic are you? Enthusiastic, Hopeful, Fatalistic, Grim, Self-Assured, Brooding

How trusting are you? Gullible, Open-minded, Skeptical, Suspicious, Naive, Trusting

How assertive are you at a decision point? Humble, Adaptable, Commanding, Timid, Easygoing, Impatient

How empathetic are you? Kind, Stern, Thoughtful, Protective, Hard-hearted, Oblivious

How courageous are you in dire straits? Brave, Competitive, Steady, Cautious, Reckless, Fierce

How do you feel when faced by setbacks? Stoic, Driven, Happy-go-lucky, Vengeful, Bold, Impassioned

How are your nerves? Calm, Impulsive, Skittish, Restless, Patient, Unshakable

Describe some mannerisms that your character posses. Which are immediately apparent and which would require close examination to notice.

Describe what people see when they see your character. How does your character dress up? How do they look on normal days? When adventuring? Is there anything that is hard to notice or would require insight to detect (i.e. A small tattoo that is partially hidden by your hair, a certain design on a ring that you wear, etc.)?

Background Questions

Why did you become an adventurer?

How did you acquire your class?

How did you acquire your starting equipment?

Whats the worst thing that happened in your life?

Whats the best thing that happened to you?

Do you stay in contact with your family? What do your relatives think of you and your chosen career?

Goals What are your characters goals? Provide at least 3 goals and your motivations for them.

What about your character is important to you?
Here I am trying to figure out what you are looking for in the game. What parts of your back story are important to you? Where do you want the game to go? Where would you like your character to go?

What would you like your character to become?

Are there any scenarios you would like to have play out? Is there anything from your back story that you would like to resolve (that are not characters goals)?

Are there any items you are particularly interested in (a wish list of sorts, remember you don’t get everything you asked santa for)?

Do you know what Paragon Path and/or Epic Destiny you will be trying to achieve?
If not and it is because there is not one that fits your character briefly describe what you would like. It doesn’t matter if you can’t answer this question now I will revisit it as we get closer to those levels.

Character Creation

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