Haven is located on the eastern side of the Bay of Dragons near the Titan’s Cove. It is easily the largest city in the region by land area although several others contest they have a larger population. The city is highly organized into districts in rings around the tip of the cove. Walls separate this rings and were built as the city grew outwards. The innermost ring contains the Lord Bluthaven’s estate. A magnificent castle a full four stories tall, not counting the towers, stands overshadowing several smaller buildings surrounded by a beautiful garden and game reserve. The next ring houses minor nobility and high ranking appointed officials as well as the administration buildings necessary to run the city. A few very high end businesses also brag of being at this location. The third ring is home to the merchants and their businesses. The forth and final ring houses the craftsmen and businesses of the common folk. Finally a sprawl has been forming outside the last wall. It is home to many peasants and beggars as well as a few farms that are suffering from the overcrowding. Construction has begun an another wall which promises to provide room for continued growth. Most of the structures in the first two rings are stone. The lower portions of the merchant district contain some more made of wood. The final ring and outer structures are mostly made of wood or a combination of stone bases and wooden walls and roofs.

Demographic information

While humans out number any other race by a significant margin they do not make up a majority of this diverse city. While there is no official census count of the population it is estimated to be upwards of 25,000.


The town is ruled by Lord and Lady Bluthaven. The Bluthaven has been ruler of the city for several generations since prying the power from the previous family using masterful political maneuvering. While the people of the town are not set to uprise it doesn’t mean the throne is safe. Less then a decade ago Bluthaven’s own son tried to overthrow him in an attempt to take power. Since then the government has been relatively stable, including the Lord’s recent marriage to the Marquist of Rivenfell.


Haven received its name as a refuge during times of war. Despite what some of the residents think about the city being crowded it can hold and sustain a larger number of people than that currently live there. It’s numerous rings of walls make for a great layered defense. According to historians the inner-most wall has never been breached. Guards are stationed at all gates, patrols regularly roam the streets. It is estimated that if an alarm were sounded 500 trained guards and soldiers would respond, another 1,000 volunteer militia with less training. If required to defend their homes nearly 18,000 able bodied men and women could answer the call.



Sites of note

Braunhorn Castle

This magnificent building is as much a palace as it is a castle. Boasting over a hundred rooms and an unknown number of passage ways it would be easy for the curious visitor to become quickly lost. It is home to Lord and Lady Bluthaven and numerous other rulers before them. Social events hosted at the castle are the norm. Parts of the castle are rumored to be haunted and it is said that even Lord Bluthaven has not visited every room of this magnificent building.

Tower of the Four Mages

The top of this tower overlooks the rest of the city from within the second ring of the castle. It houses one of the premier mage schools in the realm as well as a magnificent library, research facility, alchemy lab and component store. The four head master’s of the tower are powerful arcane spell casters who have few rivals. One of the four is always available as an advisor to the Lord and has been since a self proclaimed king tried to destroy the mages and their tower over 600 years ago. At any time twenty or more students, apprentices, and visiting mages can be found in the tower. They also

Eliana’s Curiosity Shop

This curiosity shop ran by an old elven widow Eliana Glerea is a favorite stop for those seeking precious treasures at a good price and has been for at least a millennium. The trick here is finding them buried beneath all of the useless junk. Among the more notable items rumored to have made their way through the shop include the Hand of Vecna, Avandra’s satchel, a ring belonging to the first Queen of Haven and Ioun’s Tomb of Forgotten Knowledge.

Great Temple of Erathis

Originally built into the first wall when the city was founded long ago. This temple has stood the test of time better than any other structure in the city. After the fall of the human empire it suffered several defacings only to be restored to its glory by Erathis’s devout followers casting out of any King, Queen, Lord or Lady who dared convert the temple to another god. For now it seems that the lesson has been learned as the high priest of Erathis has called the temple home for over 900 years.

King’s Roads

This entrance on the west side of the city is heavily guarded. It leads to a road that is elevated above the city walls and travels all the way to the castle. It has been rebuild many times over the years as the members of the city collapse it as the fall back into the next ring when under attack.

House of the Grey Hand

The head quarters of one of the largest mercenary guilds in the realm. They are willing to take on any job if you are willing to pay the price. Their membership varies and contains all sorts, which makes it easier for them to cover a wide range of jobs. They recently gained a large boost in membership when the Seekers of the Lost Hoard fractured.


One of the largest shipping facilities in the region. At least a dozen sea worthy vessels can be found at the docks on any given day. Each of the cities rings boast multiple docks allowing for people and goods to arrive near their appropriate destination without having to travel through the crowded gates.


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