History: This beautiful Elven Blade was given to Razia by Paelias as he was dying. Only later did she discover that it is an Eladrin artifact of great power. It is said that the sword was crafted by an Eladrin Bard long ago and imbued with the spirits of the fey wild itself. No one knows for sure who the blade belonged to, but the most educated guesses believe that it was either Davin Brelion or Iluthu Solice. Both were great bards who fought battles to protect the fey realm from encroachment of the shadow realm in times nearly forgotten. The song blade has not been seen in several years. Razia is unsure how Paelias found it or why he gave it to her.

Appearance: The blade bears long intricate carvings along each side of the blade. They appear to be some kind of vine climbing the blade. No one is sure of the metals that were used to forge the blade but it is a very light silver, almost white in color. It reflects the light beautifully.

+1 Song Blade
Enhancement: Attack and Damage
Critical: 1d6 or 1d10 against shadow creatures
Property: +2 item bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight (+4 when dealing with Fey)
Property: +2 item bonus to saving throws vs. charm and illusion
Property: Gain Guiding strike as an at-will power or you can use Guiding Strike as a basic melee attack
Power: Song of Springs Rebirth (Encounter, Arcane, Implement)
Minor Action Close Burst5
Target: You or one ally
Effect: The target makes a Saving Throw with a power bonus equal to 1 + 1/2 your charisma modifier

  • Protect the feywild
  • Become a sword sang about in bardic legends
  • Keep creatures of the shadowfell in check
  • Spend time in the feywild
Concordance -
Starting Score 5
Owner Gains a level +1d10
Owner is Fey (only applies once) +2
Owner is a shadow creature only applies once) -2
Owner protects fey from a great danger +1
Owner visits the feywild (only applies once) +1
Owner defeats a powerful creature from the shadowfell in the feywild +2
Owner initiates harm on fey creatures -1
Owner defiles the feywild -1 (or more)

Critical: +3d6 (+3d10 vs shadow)
Property: +3 item bonus to bluff, diplomacy and insight (+5 vs fey)
Property: +3 item bonus to saves against charm and illusion effects
Property: You are have become attuned to the feywild, whenever you pass with in 20 squares of a fey crossing you make a perception check DC 15 to notice it.
Property: The owner gains fey step as a daily power (this is not an item power and does not count as an item power use). If the owner already has fey step then they can use it twice in one encounter once a day.
Property: +4 bonus to Will defense against charm and illusion
Power (Daily): Call forth the wild (Arcane, Implement)
Special: Usable only in a natural location.
Close Burst 5 A zone of dense growth and other natural obstacles forms in the area. The area is difficult terrain for enemies and lightly obscures your enemies vision. The area also counts as being in the feywild. This lasts until the end of your next turn.
Sustain: Minor

Critical: +2d6 (+2d10 vs shadow)
Property: You gain a +2 bonus to Will defense against charm and illusion effects
Property: The owner is considered to have mastered and can use Fey Passage with out spending components. The casting time is also reduced to one minute.
Power (Daily): Free Action – Once a day when you spend an action point an ally with in 5 squares can take a standard action immediately before or after your action OR you can retain the action point to be used in another encounter.


Lose power of springs rebirth.
Skill bonus with fey drops to +2.

Angry(0 or lower)
The Weapon is nothing more than a +1 shortsword


It does not appear to be trapped wildmage wildmage